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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Qr Code?

A Qr Code is a special barcode. You mainly see them on advertisements. People with Smartphones point their phone at the code and it automagically allows them to contact you. If the Qr Code contains your phone number, your phone number appears of their phone. They just need to press Call to call you. If the Qr Code contains your email then it opens their email program ready for them to write you a message. And if it contains a Web Site Address, it automatically opens that website. Wow!

How do I create a Qr Code in Tear-off Ad Maker?

It's done automatically for you! Provided you are connected to the internet and have entered a Contact Method, your Qr Code is automatically created for you when you print your advert.

Does Tear-off Ad Maker work on an Apple Mac?

At the moment, Tear-off Ad Maker is only available for Microsoft Windows. Tear-off Ad Maker is available for the following versions of Microsoft Windows:

We are looking at creating a version for the Apple Mac so check back now and again.



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